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  • What changes were made with the newer bottles?

    Based on customer feedback, we've increased our fragrance concentration to 20% to now offer Eau de Parfums so you can expect longer lasting scents. Our fragrances also have an even stricter ingredient policy with 100% transparent ingredient list and have gone through additional testing to ensure all products are lab-certified safe for sensitive skin.

    Additionally, our bottles have gone through a total aesthetic transformation with a new elliptical logo, inspired by clouds floating in the sky and a custom cloud-shaped, individually blown glass bottles. We are striving to be more sustainable with our packaging that is FSC certified, guaranteeing that it's made from recycled material and our bottle + cap is now 100% recyclable. 

  • Which Skylar scent is right for me?


    Not sure, which scent is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Take our Scent Quiz to find your perfect match. Don’t worry, we offer free exchanges within 30 days if you change your mind!


    Feeling creative? Our scents were made to be layered. Find new combinations for every occasion or mood by layering our scents. Spritz two or more scents to find your unique signature scent.

  • How do I layer my scents?


    The possibilities are endless when you layer Skylar scents. Mix, match, and create a custom scent just for you, perfect for any mood or occasion. Get started with layering by following the steps below:

    1. Identify your ideal scent profile. Choose the Skylar scents that embody those qualities.
    2. Select your anchoring scent. Spritz or rollover your wrists and neck. Remember, tap don't rub!
    3. Add a complementary scent (or two!). Spritz or roll directly on top of your anchor scent. Order is important, remember to layer the fragrance you want to have the most impact on last!
  • How can I extend the wear of my scents?

    Skylar fragrances are now eau du parfum so they last more than before without the use of harmful chemicals! Everyone's sense of smell is different and we’ve got a few tips that might help make the scents more long-lasting for you.


    Wear it in your hair - Try spraying a spray or two on your fingers and run your hands through your hair. Hair is a great scent carrier as it does not produce body heat, which is what burns fragrance off the skin. Do not  spray perfume directly in the hair as that can be drying to your hair, but a dab on the fingers will allow some of the alcohol to burn off, and then the hair will hold it.


    Wear it on your clothes - Clothes hold scent well; the scents are clear so they should not stain your clothes and the scent will come off in the wash. Just to be safe, you can walk through a spritz while fully dressed.


    Layer it! Layering is a great way to build up our scents and explore unique combinations. Spray one on and layer in a spritz, and you’ve got yourself a unique signature scent that blends beautifully with your body’s natural chemistry.

  • What is the shelf life of Skylar scents?

    All of our scents contain organic sugar cane alcohol which acts as a powerful natural preservative. Once the product is opened, Skylar fragrances will last 2 years when stored in a cool, dry environment.

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